Get Your YouTube Channel on Vurbl

Getting Your Channel onto Vurbl:

  1. Create an account on
  2. Connect your YouTube account to your Vurbl account (there’s a button for that).
  3. Your station will be populated with audio versions of all your video content. As long as your Vurbl account is connected to YouTube, we’ll keep it updated – so it’s never out of sync with your YouTube channel.

Benefits of Getting Your Channel onto Vurbl:

  • When you do, your audience can listen to you anytime, anywhere, in background.
  • Create audio friendly playlists, clips of your best content, and share them with your Vurbl followers and on social media.
  • Earn money! Once you’ve gained enough Vurbl subscribers, apply to be a Vurbl Station Partner and start earning ad revenue.
  • Once we connect to your Youtube account, your Vurbl station will be automatically updated every time you add new content to your Youtube channel.