Creator Support

Why Are My Episodes Not Updating?

Vurbl only supports audio that comes from https links. If your audio is published on an RSS host and the site is not secure, your episodes will not populate on your station. Best practice for creators is to ensure on your RSS feeds that all your episodes come from https links and are secure audio files.

Vanity URLs

What is a Vanity URL? A vanity URL is a customizable URL that you can use for your station link. For example, your station link could look something like this: ( How to add a Vanity URL If you qualify for an ad partnership and are in talks with our team, you can email ( and we will help facilitate the URL!

How to Verify You Station

To get verified as a podcast or youtube ported station, you need to follow the steps for Claiming a station. When we verify you are in fact the podcast or youtube station owner, we will verify you. Once verified, you will see the verification checkbox appear on your Station detail page. If you are a public figure or celebrity, to verify, just simply link to your vurbl station from any other social media account you have that is verified (such as Twitter or Instagram), we'll confirm that the link...

Why Isn't My Podcast On Vurbl?

If you publish your podcast RSS to iTunes and it is English language content, your podcast should appear on Vurbl. The only case in which it will not appear on Vurbl is if your podcast audio is not coming from a secure connection (ie SSL connection). To check if your podcast is coming from a secure location, it should have an https:// in front of the domain. If it is coming from an insecure server, it will simply have an http:// in front of the domain.

Get Higher Bitrate Streaming On Your Content

To qualify for high definition streaming for your channel, you must qualify by becoming a Vurbl Ad Partner. To apply for Vurbl Ad Partnership, please submit a ticket with a request and someone will reach out to you within 5 business days.