How to Create a Snippet

Like a section of the audio you’re listening to? Want to share the best part of a podcast you are enjoying or a speech that inspires you? You can clip out your favorite part and instantly get a sharable link to that clip. Ou can also embed it on any web page or social account you have. 

There are two main ways of creating an audio snippet. First, if you see an audio file with no snippets made before, you can click on the create snippet button on the audio detail page. It’ll look something like this:


Another way to create a snippet is from the audio file itself. When you’re listening to an audio file, you can click on the snippet icon and it will bring up the snippet capture screen: 

Once you’ve clicked the button, you’ll get a pop-up of the audio file. You can set the time length for your snippet using the timers on top of the soundwave, or using the borders on the audio file. You drag the audio progress bar around to preview your snippet before saving it. Once you’ve set the time you want, give your snippet a great and descriptive title so people can find it. Your description should be enticing because you’ll want to make sure people want to listen to it.