Market Your Station

Linking To Your Station: Bring Your Existing Audience

Let your website visitors know your audio is available on Vurbl with our branding.

Add this button to your website:

Copy and paste the HTML code below. Be sure to replace [your-station-id-here] with your unique station code and adjust the height and length parameters as needed.

<a href=”[your-station-id-here]” title=”Listen to my station on Vurbl “><img src=”” alt=”Listen to my station on Vurbl” height=”279″ length=”61″ ></a>

Embeddable Player: Your Audio Can Go Anywhere!

Help your current and future audience listen to your titles outside of the Vurbl suite of products, while ensuring you get paid for each listen.

An embeddable Vurbl player is a short piece of code that you can include on any website to generate a quick and easy audio player. Single title and playlist embeds are available on episode and playlist pages when you click the share button.


Social Sharing: Be Seen

You know your audience better than anyone, so give them more of what they want by sharing individual titles, playlists or your station in all your social posts.

Make sure to tag Vurbl on social so we can amplify your content!
Twitter – @getvurbl

IG – @getvurbl

FB – @vurbl

LinkedIn – @Vurbl Media 

Snippets For Easy Sharing & Listening: Short Form Audio Gets More Listens

Vurbl’s unique snippet feature allows you to clip short pieces of audio for easy sharing or even embeds. Simply click play on a piece of audio, select the scissors icon on the player, drag the editor to select a start & stop point, add a title and description and you’re done.

Each unique snippet becomes a standalone audio title attributed to your station and another source of potential revenue. Click here to learn more about the snippet feature.


Collaborate with other Vurbl creators: Combine Your Audience With Like-minded Creators

The stations we like section on your Station page is a great place to highlight creators you like, stations you recommend and even collaborate with other creators by highlighting each other’s station.

Playlists don’t have to be just your own audio either. Create playlists that offer your audience new information, highlights of other creators or snippets of episodes.

Your Featured Audio need not be your own audio either! Show other creators the love by giving them premium placement on your station.


More social media tips

  • Add your social media links to your station.
  • Add your Vurbl station link to your website.
  • Encourage listeners to subscribe to your station. Remember, each subscriber receives notifications when you publish new audio.
  • Encourage listeners to snippet and share specific sections of your audio.
  • Encourage listeners to share your titles, playlists or station.
  • Embed your audio titles, playlists or snippets to your blog posts to add a multimedia element.
  • Update your podcast show notes or YouTube descriptions with your Vurbl station link.
  • Use the #vurbl hashtag or tag @getvurbl in your Tweets, Facebook or Instagram posts so we can share the love across our channels.

And be sure to join our Vurbl Creator’s Group on Facebook where we are having an ongoing discussion about how to maximize your Vurbl Station.



Playlists make discovering, listening, sharing and organizing audio easy. 

Think about it. New listeners discover your audio every day but in so many different ways.

With playlists, you can help new listeners find your most listened to episodes, topics they’re most interested in, audio that fits many different needs, or simply the best order to listen to your titles. By guiding new listeners to exactly what they’re looking for, your playlists will do the job of attracting and retaining listeners for you.

Plus, everyone can create playlists.

Make your own playlists.

Create a handful of playlists to engage your listeners early. 

Then, once you understand the types of audio and playlists your audience likes, create bespoke playlists that will surprise and delight.

Ask your listeners to make playlists.

Get your listeners to add your audio to their playlists.

This will drive more listens, help other people discover your work and of course increase your revenue potential.

Playlists made by Vurbl.

Vurbl curators are handcrafting playlists and stations for hundreds of genres. From trending topics, high search volume genres and top Vurbl creators, our editorial team is always looking to highlight what’s fresh and new.

So be sure to tag @getvurbl on Twitter & Instagram, use the hashtag #vurbl and embed your audio across the web. Our team will take notice and seed your audio into our Vurbl playlists to help promote your work.