Edit Your Station

To edit your station, you should first go onto your station detail page (by clicking “My Station” on the navigation bar). Once you’re on the page, hover over to your station icon image, and press the edit button that appears. That will take you to the station edit page.


Once you’re on the station edit page, you can edit both the icon image and the featured image for your station’s background. Underneath, you can edit the station details (name and description) before adding your social media profiles. Additionally, you can search and select featured audio that you want highlighted on your station. You can choose any audio content on the site, it does not have to be yours! 



If you wanna take a look at your own files, you can edit your audio and playlist files at the bottom of the page. You can edit or delete the files using the action options on the right of the file panels. 



Finally, you can highlight up to 10 stations that you love by using the search bar at the right of the page. You can use this to trade links with other stations like yours with similar audiences.